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Welcome to the 2024 Upper Peninsula State Fair!
    • Complete all required information.
    • All exhibitors are considered “new” each year.
    • If you are a family with multiple entries, please select “quick group”.
    • Do not type in all caps or all lower case.
    • Registration MUST be in the name of the actual exhibitor with their information (not a parents), this includes peewee classes
    • Be sure to purchase all weekly passes and pay for any stall fees or other items before checking out.  These fees are located in the Items tab.
    • Refer to the 2024 Exhibitors Guide to Classes & Awards for all exhibit, show and rules information located at https://www.upstatefair.net/exhibitors/premium-book/
For assistance you may email your questions to exhibitorsmanager@deltami.org subject line HELP and we will respond as quickly as possible.